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How to Read.

This project is divided into three parts: journey, transformation, and imagination.

If you’re looking to read deeply, start at the beginning. Part 1 (Journey) has some helpful context and introduces language and ideas that will provide a backdrop.

If you’re most interested in Peter’s story (or my own), I recommend reading the Prologue (pg. 7) then skipping right to Part 2 (Transformation, pg. 42). This is the heart of the project at a spiritual formation level, and follows Peter’s paradigmatic journey of being restored and restoried in the company of Jesus.

If you’re here for the pastoral implications, Part 3 (Imagination, pg. 127) will prove most useful. Here I argue for and reflect on my own renewal in pastoral theology (fire) and practice (form) that flows from a shifted metaphor: Jesus’ invitation to Peter to move from a fisher to a shepherd.

This is a project by Jordan Warner. I welcome your feedback. You can email me here. Thanks for reading.

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